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  • Ships in 1-3 business days

  • Worldwide Express Free Shipping

  • Ships in 1-3 business days

Order Steps

  • 1. Measure your wall
    1. Measure your wall

    Measure your wall from the highest point in the width and height of the selected area. How do I measure my wall?

  • 2. Enter your measurements
    2. Enter your measurements

    Enter your wall dimensions with the prefered measurement unit (inches or centimeters) in the Dimensions box.

  • 3. Choose material option
    3. Choose material option

    Choose the wallpaper material option that fits your wall the best. What is the best material option for my wall?

  • 4. Complete your order
    4. Complete your order

    Your price will be instantly shown on the screen. If necessary, we'll be sending you a wallpaper preview.

Customer Reviews

Hear what our customers say
  • Yaritza


    Great quality, gorgeous wallpaper. Communication with owner for custom sizes was easy and he was very helpful. Putting up the wallpaper took some time and patience, but Im thrilled with the results.

  • gina


    The most amazing wall Mural I have ever seen I had it installed and it absolutely looks beautiful. Thank you again.

  • Samantha Yozamp

    Samantha Yozamp
    Samantha Yozamp

    This was exactly what I needed for my office space. I've gotten so many compliments on this wallpaper. I was able to order a custom size and followed the directions included for an easy install.

  • jenebelle


    The wallpaper print is exactly as shown in the pictures. It looks gorgeous installed…. Thanks!

  • Jenn


    This worked so perfectly - it was easy to apply and totally changed the whole feel of the room!

  • Katherine


    This exceeded my wildest expectations!!! I had never done wallpaper before and this was so easy I did it by myself and the images are stunning. There was no smell to the wall paper and the instructions were so easy. I am already planning on doing more rooms and trying to find excuses to buy more! I will only use this vendor after hearing how difficult other vendors were from my friends. WOW

  • Liz


    Very excited to receive our custom wallpaper. It was well packaged and arrived quickly (especially considering it was travelling from Turkey to New Zealand). I haven't yet opened the package because I don't want it to get damaged. We are planning to hang the wallpaper in a house that we are building and so I won't get to see the finished product for a few months yet! Exciting though, and I am trusting because of the other excellent reviews. Thankyou to Muralium Wallpapers.

  • Kim


    This seller worked extensively with me to be sure we got it right! Excellent service and beautiful product! Thank you SO much

  • vanessa


    Omg I love this! I turned my spare room into my zen room and I wanted to always have an earthy/grounding vibe, this is perfect! So happy!

  • Alice and Emma

    Alice and Emma
    Alice and Emma

    Great quality, just a touch more blue than green than I was looking for.

  • Ebony


    Was super helpful and went above and beyond! And the image is stunning !!!!Thanks guys !!!

  • Nina


    Great! Fast shipping, great communication, great quality.

  • Esther


    Good quality, service on point, l🖤ve it so much. Thanks.

  • Ricardo


    Beautiful wall paper , good quality of the images and easy to install! Fast shipping, good communication with the seller and for any questions they can help you. We are very happy with the results and probably we are going to purchase more in the future!

  • Mary


    Very fast, print it great quality and pattern lined up well!

  • Erin


    So easy to put up, looks amazing. Sent a quick message and they made me custom sized mural for my wall. Awesome!

  • Princy


    Arrived quickly. Easy to hang. Looks fantastic!

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    Agina Graham
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    Erica White
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    Brianna Boyce
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    Paula Ehmke
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  • Jenn Shetsen

    Jenn Shetsen
  • vanessa young

    vanessa young
  • Violet Tatiana Lapid

    Violet Tatiana Lapid
  • Linda

  • Princy



How can I measure my wall?

You should measure the width and height from the highest points of the wall. If there are doors or windows in these areas, please include them in the total measurement. Unfortunately, it is not possible to pre-cut them while printing. They need to be cut while applying.

If you want to buy multiple wallpapers, you should measure the width and height for each wall and add them in your cart separately. We only need the exact measurements when ordering. We add 2 inches / 5 cm to the width and height in each order for some wiggle room. Please make sure to cut off the excess wallpaper after applying.

The example picture below shows how you can measure your wall. If you still have a problem with the measurements, you can contact us via our contact page.

How can I measure my wall for wallpaper?

Which materials do you offer?

The list below shows the material options we offer;

• Regular Peel & Stick: 100gr/m², Self Adhesive
• Premium Peel & Stick: 360gr/m², Self Adhesive
• Regular Nonwoven: 150gr/m², Application with glue
• Premium Nonwoven: 250gr/m², Application with glue
• Fabric: 350gr/m², Application with glue

What is the best material option for my wall?

The surface you want to wallpaper should be smooth, clean and dry. This applies to all wallpaper materials. If you have textured walls, you can choose materials such as Nonwoven or Fabric. Applying a primer first will give better results for overly textured walls. Our Peel & Stick material is very suitable for wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

What are the differences between materials?

Peel & Stick (Vinyl)
• Made of vinyl-based material.
• Self-adhesive.
• 150g/m²
• Applied by peeling off the back and sticking directly to the wall or desired area. It is very suitable for application on any smooth surface (furniture, glass, etc.) outside the wall. It can be used in the kitchen or bathroom.
• Has very high color vibrancy and a smooth, matte surface.
• Not suitable for textured or deformed walls. If used on such a wall, the wall should be primed first.
• Can be wiped.

Nonwoven (Paper)
• Natural paper reinforced with fiber during production.
• Has the property of being breathable, making it suitable for human and child health.
• Applied with wallpaper adhesive.
• 150g/m²
• Color vibrancy is slightly lower compared to vinyl Peel & Stick and it has a smooth, matte surface.
• Can be preferred for lightly textured walls.
• Can be wiped with a slightly damp cloth.

Fabric (Polyester)
• Specially produced polyester wall fabric for walls.
• Applied with wallpaper adhesive.
• 260g/m²
• Due to its lightly textured and light-absorbing structure, it has lower glossiness, and the colors will be slightly more matte compared to other materials.
• Suitable for textured walls.
• Can be wiped.
• Highly durable and does not tear easily.

Premium Peel & Stick (Polyester)
• Polyester-based and self-adhesive.
• 360g/m²
• Applied by peeling off the back and sticking directly to the wall.
• Due to its lightly textured and light-absorbing structure, it has lower glossiness, and the colors will be slightly more matte compared to other materials.
• Not suitable for textured or deformed walls. If used on such a wall, the wall should be primed first.
• Can be wiped.
• Highly durable and does not tear easily.

In general, high glossiness is not a desirable feature for wallpapers. Any light will reflect from a glossy surface, creating an undesirable appearance, so matte materials are preferred for wallpapers whenever possible.

Squeegee and application instructions will be sent along with your order.

How long does processing and shipping take?

Our processing stage is 1-3 business days and our shipping time is 2-3 business days. It usually takes about 5-6 business days for the package to arrive at the destination.

How can I track my order?

We process your order and update the stages as soon as your payment is confirmed. After shipping the order, a tracking code will be available on “My orders” page. We also send an email to the e-mail address that you have entered when ordering.

Can you edit my wallpaper of choice?

We can edit some designs. An example would be to change the background color or the highlight color of the image. We can also change the scale option for seamless images. Please contact us if you’d like to edit your wallpaper.

Can I order a custom wallpaper?

Actually, we only provide custom orders! We don’t have standard sized wallpapers like traditional wallpapers. It is also possible to print a custom wallpaper if you have a high resolution picture. You can contact us for printing your personal wallpaper.

Which payment options do you have?

Our payment services are provided by Stripe (WooCommerce Payments) and include options such as Credit card / debit card, Bancontact, giropay, iDEAL, Sofort and also express checkout options with Apple Pay, Google Pay or Link by Stripe.

Can I cancel my order?

Cancellations need to be informed to us in 2 hours after ordering. Please contact us for a cancellation process.

Are there return/refund possibilities?

Since every single order is custom made, refunds & returns are not accepted. Unfortunately, there is no chance to resell it. But we are happy to send a replacement item if the wallpaper is damaged. Any defects have to be reported immediately before application, with proof in the form of pictures. Please let us know If you have any problems with the product.

Which shipping services do you work with?

Orders are shipped with UPS Express, FedEx Express or DHL.

Muralium Wallpapers

Create the perfect custom wall art for your home. Choose from our selection of wall coverings and stitch together a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that’s all yours!

Wallpaper is a great way to make a room feel unique and personal. With many colors and patterns to choose from, you can find the perfect piece for your home. Wallpaper is also a great way to change the look of a room quickly and easily. You can find a wallpaper that will match any theme or style, from traditional to modern.

We offer high-quality wallpapers on nonwoven, fabric and peel & stick materials. We use the newest printing technology with premium eco-friendly materials and Greenguard Gold certified health-care inks. Our wallpapers are suitable for indoors, in schools, kindergartens etc.

We also offer custom wallpaper, if you want to order a special size or design. We can print your own design on your favorite wallpaper material.

Unlike traditional rolled wallpapers with small and repetitive patterns, we produce wallpapers with large patterns according to your exact wall size.

Our wallpapers will be delivered to you in numbered, sequential panels with an average width of 25″ (65cm). We send squeegees and application instructions with your wallpaper.

We are a small family-owned company based in Turkey. Our customers are from all over the world, so we ship our wallpapers worldwide.

You can contact us for any issue via our contact page. We are happy to help!